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The Twisted Wizard's Paranormal Provocative Band

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ATTENTION: April 18th, 2023 - These WEBSITES are my future aspirations, though I'm a Homebound Severely Disabled Veteran. This is to be considered a HOBBY above ALL that is said within the documentation found on these WEBPAGES. I'm Legally Blind, Visually Impaired. I have Hearing and Speech problems. I have almost 40 years of Post Traumatic Stress Disorders ( PTSDs / MST ) and Military Service Connected Disabilities ( MSCDs / MST ). SO, PLEASE consider this as one of my go to HOBBIES until such time that this develops into something greater, THANKS!

All About The Twisted Wizard’s Paranormal Provocative Band

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Hello! Welcome to the TWPP Bands or Twisted Wizards Paranormal Provocative Bands Website from Macon, Georgia USA! The Genre of music, Genre of my Songs is Indie Futuristic Expressive Mystical Rock Music Or I FEM Rock Music was picked after studying the type of music being created long before the bands inception. This Web presence for the band was established in February 2013.
The band, for now, is my computer. This being my Band-In-A-Box and will be called the Twisted Wizards Paranormal Provocative Band, or TWPP Band. No further musicians, other than myself, will be needed until the process of creating my music, my songs gets started and several get released.
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